Supply Chain Management

MGEON plans and manages all supply processes from the producer to the end consumer with its expert teams. We elaborately follow the monthly and annual plans we make with our business partners.

Our Supply Chain Stages

Order Management: In this first and most important stage of the chain, we work elaborately to prepare the incoming orders and to deliver them on time without damage.

Order Planning: We regularly share forecasts with our suppliers by looking at the orders and demands of our customers and predicting the demand that may occur in the future.

Procurement: We plan the procurements of the products we sell according to the sales speed and stock level.

Inventory Management: We regularly monitor our inventory according to the inventory level we have determined with our business partners. We take action by reporting the situation to our business partners considering the supply status, delist, closed-to-order, and NPI status of the products.

Warehouse Management: It is the stage where the products are stored in accordance with the quality standards and managed by our expert teams. 

Transportation: At this point, the last stage of the chain, we make the deliveries according to the optimization made to deliver the products to our customers on time and in good condition.