MGEON was established in 2022 and aims to introduce international mass premium, selective, niche beauty brands and health products to the Turkish market. MGEON, an experienced company in the sector, aims to offer quality products to people by setting a higher standard for competition in Turkey with the distinguished brands it will bring.

MGEON is a success-driven company using innovative, modern, bold, cutting-edge technologies, following the needs and trends of the age, standing at an equal distance to all its stakeholders, operating in full cooperation, and adopting the principles of passion, transparency, accountability, and trust.

Having a high focus on bringing brands to consumers in the right channel and at the right point with its knowledge and experience in different sectors and operating in the sector for a long time are among some advantages offered by MGEON. Our company constantly improves itself in terms of sustainability and maximum efficiency in line with the developing and growing sector.

Based on its new business model, our company set its scope and position in the sector as selected local and chain perfumery stores, niche chain cosmetics stores and beauty centers in the retail sector, and pharmacy channel and pharmaceutical/perfumery warehouses in OTC and dermocosmetics sector for mass premium, selective and niche cosmetics brands, which fall into the company’s areas of expertise. In addition to offline channels, the company also serves its business partners in online channels.

Being an organization that embraces your brand, rather than acting as a caretaker, is one of the most important features of MGEON. Approaching its business partners at an equal distance and pulling out all the stops to offer the same level of service quality, MGEON uses modern and up-to-date technology without compromising ethical and transparency principles. While being a company that will make a name for itself in the sector in the near future with the service quality it will offer, it also demonstrates its difference and dynamism in the sector with works that will make a difference both in the domestic market and in the international market.

MGEON has dedicated itself to working in harmony while respecting differences. In this context, it is motivated to create an organization based on honesty, equality, fairness, and trust, especially with an uncompromising ethical understanding. To leave a positive impression in all the sectors it operates, the company aims to lead the spreading of the culture of respect for people and the environment, which it has adopted, with all its employees.