Do not get lost in big organizations, become a strong brand in the market with us.
MGEON is a company that primarily aims at success.

Serving as a young and new-generation distributor, MGEON aims to provide productive business results to its business partners with its knowledge and experience in the sector, its coverage power, and high focus.

We operate by adopting the principles of transparency, fairness, responsibility, and accountability, which are universal values and at the same time our corporate values, and an uncompromising ethical business approach.

When you work with us, you will not experience the loss of focus in large structures, and you will be our priority. We know very well the deficiencies in the sector and the areas to be developed, and we focus on doing our job in the best way by embracing your brands with our innovative and participatory approach to provide added value to our business partners and all our stakeholders.

We are aware that the most important detail that will make a difference in today’s sector is time, experience, and a qualified labor force. In this context, we contribute to the development of new business models and business strategies with the field studies we will carry out in accordance with the product structure of the suppliers.

We know that high costs occur as a result of focus and time loss in high-volume structures, so we contribute to the financial results by making optimization studies in many areas, especially the operational processes of our business partners, with our chosen business model and our experience, which is the most important pillar of the model.

With the ERP systems we offer, we share all processes transparently, and we can take quick actions with Adhoc field studies. By conducting benchmarking studies in the market, we share detailed feasibility reports about the market. We serve our business partners with our system which includes training, POP materials, and consumer complaints. 

As a company attaching importance to brand values and reputation, having high foresight, and operating with trust, MGEON is an innovative and dynamic company that will take your business one step further with its knowledge and experience. 

MGEON is the Path Itself.

We take your brands one step further with our experience in Turkey’s major retail sectors.

In the FMCG sector, we know the internal and external dynamics of many channels, from cosmetics and dermocosmetics product groups to national chains, local chains, local and chain perfumeries, national chain perfumeries, discounters and beauty centers, and we develop various business models that cover hitting the marketplace.

In the health sector, we establish business models specific to pharmacy channels, pharmaceutical and perfumery warehouses with OTC and dermocosmetics product groups, and develop and present different business models in promotional activities to health personnel according to the product’s characteristics.

In addition to all these sectors, we are a company with high experience in the medical sector.

We attach importance to corporate confidentiality in all our business processes with our business partners.

We aim to create lasting values in this long-term journey, which aims at the beauty and improving lives, we embarked on with our business partners.